Continual of the New Turnkey!!!

Hello friends, it’s been another FABULOUS week here at Spirit Industries!!!! The vote is still out on whether we should build the 32 or 34 but the SURVEY SAYS: The Model A belongs on a 32 Chassis & the 34 needs to be FULL Fendered.  Okay everyone, we still need your help choosing which car & filling in the rest of the details!!!!  You can follow the progress on Facebook

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Valentine’s Day is around the corner!!

It’s the end of another FUN filled week here at Spirit Industries!! Hopefully this e-mail will work the 2nd time aroundJ. So guys & gals if you’re looking to build a new lower cost dream car, Spirit has a very classy alternative for a 32/34 Model A. So if this is you, consider Spirit’s Model A Sedan!!! Spirit has been building Model A’s and a 32/34 coup for several years now. You also can order it with or without fenders& running boards. One thing we want our Spirit Friends to know is we do love our jobs here at Spirit Industries and the best part of it is our customers and seeing their dreams become reality. LADIES, Valentine’s Day is approaching!!! & a great experience for you & your man would be to build a DREAM car together!!!

Spirit Industries